Sunday, August 22, 2010

The End of Management

PT-AP668_manage_G_20100820153607[1] You have to read this very nice article about management and how it doesn’t fit into the 21st century:

Very good research collection on how the model of large managed corporations will be obsolete in the future and Enterprise 2.0 will get successful.

We can see many examples in the corporate landscape that follow the path of Enterprise 2.0 like

  • SAS (listed in the article)
  • Dell and Starbucks (collecting ideas from outside the company)
  • Nike (design your own products)
  • Zappos (flat management structure and motivated employees)

I am sure the list goes on and on (feel free to add examples in the comments section) and shows that there is a need for change in our thinking in regards to management and the way we (want to) work. That is why I wrote about the “Customer Relationship Model 2.0” and not referring to it as “Management” anymore…

What do you think about this? Another hype that will be forgotten in 5 years? Traditional Management is about to die? Or something in the middle?