Sunday, April 7, 2013

CRM Strategy 2.0

The CRM 2.0 strategy defines the overall vision and outlining the process of how the customer relationships are handled by a company. This part of the corporate strategy includes general guidelines and processes dealing with customer contacts as well as business ethics related to the customer relations. Incorporating the Customer Relationship Model 2.0 into the corporate strategy can be a game changer. It might help discover blue oceans and unveil opportunities that would have been fallen through the cracks without meaningful customer conversations. CRM 2.0 might even unveil that the current corporate strategy is inefficient and needs to be adapted as a whole.

The Figure illustrates the CRM 2.0 strategy as being the root and driving force for the organizational structure and the technology. While this hierarchy is also valid for traditional CRM implementations, it is even more stringent for next generation Customer Relationship Models. Focusing or starting with technology results in a much higher risk of failure due to not aligned corporate culture and ineffective execution. Technology has to follow organizational and strategic guidelines.