Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What is a “Conversation” ?

image When it comes to Social CRM or CRM 2.0, we often talk about establishing a conversation with customers. I think we all agree that pushing marketing data to a (static) Corporate Website or waiting for customers to call in when they have problems with the products is far away from having a conversation with them. But how can we define and establish such a conversation?

Creating a group on XING / LinkedIn, signing up as a corporation to Facebook or having an ‘official’ MySpace page does not automatically create efficient conversations with customers or prospects.


First step to get into a meaningful conversation with customers is a tough one, as it requires a company to share information that might normally be treated as confidential. This insight and the possibility to allow feedback from customers and prospects (using Web 2.0 tools) is the starting point of a real two-way conversation.

Of course the feedback has to be read and analyzed by someone in order to answer and get further feedback. This leads to a dialogue (and true collaboration) that allows to take action to improve a product or create new products and services.
To close the loop, the information about the new or improved products have to be shared again to allow new feedback and so on…

The Enterprise 2.0 paradigm can help creating the mindset within the corporation and will allow to create a relationship with customers that is worth being called so!


  1. I think if companies can start relating to customers as people just like them. Then a conversation can easily ensue, it need not mean the company has to start divulging in privy info.

    Though I think that would come later on.

    At DeskAway we are active on facebook as well as twitter so, have corresponded a lot with users, bloggers.

  2. Hi ... you are so right.
    Most companies just open an account on Facebook and publish promotions or commercial videos.
    That is really boring for customers.