Friday, November 7, 2008

Oracle seems to get it

22008741_61203401 Anthony Lye from Oracle has a good vision of what CRM 2.0 really is about. And although CRM 2.0 is still not a tool or an installer that you can put on a server and be happy - It is important to have the right tools to engage users and be able to connect people and systems in an efficient way.

Anthony realizes the need to break through the very limited process-focused view of traditional CRM and connect to customers in a new and collaborative way. This is not only about gathering data from social networks and generating leads - its also about contributing to these networks and create value for the customers.

I specially like the fact that Oracle utilizes the OpenSocial API introduced by Google. It is always good if tools are based on standards and open source code. In this case it allows developers from the social networks or other Web 2,0 applications to provide interfaces to their platforms.

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  1. funny, I just realized that my last post was about Anthony Lye as well... in the previous presentation he seemed to limit the use of CRM 2.0 to complex sales situations (which I think might be questioned) while in this article he outlines a very broad vision what CRM 2.0 tools need to deliver.
    I am curious to see the products coming out of this...