Thursday, January 22, 2009

CRM 2.0 vs. Social CRM

According to blogpulse the two buzzwords are heads up with a small advantage for social CRM:

CRM 2.0 vs Social CRM

For me these two have the same meaning, but I am happy for any comments if you think otherwise…

See also the CRM 2.0 definition Wiki:

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  1. twitter voting:

    @scorpfromhell @guidooswald for me CRM 2.0 and Social CRM are the same terms... here is @pgreenbe definition

    Brent Leary
    BrentLeary @GuidoOswald @pgreenbe and I pretty much use the terms CRM 2.0 and Social CRM interchangeably about 3 hours ago from web in reply to GuidoOswald

    A. Prem Kumar
    scorpfromhell @guidooswald I believe them to be the same, or at least Social CRM to be a subset of CRM 2.0 if the idea that CRM 2.0 should include BPM 2 about 4 hours ago from TweetDeck in reply to GuidoOswald

    Darren Flood
    dflood @GuidoOswald Social CRM gets my vote. about 5 hours ago from TwitterBerry in reply to GuidoOswald