Monday, April 27, 2009

Are Facebook and Twitter just new channels?

Someone could argue that the new Web 2.0 platforms like Facebook, Twitter and co. are just additional channels that have to be supported by the existing CRM suite.


Dealing with these platforms as additional channels will not bring the benefit they could provide, though. Accepting that the rise of the Web 2.0 is dramatically changing the consumers’ behavior, leads to a simple conclusion – Businesses need to change the way they deal with the ‘new customers’ as well!

This means that Facebook and Twitter are only the spearhead of what will come in the near future. They are indeed channels that need to be dealt with (the more agile, the better) BUT the way corporations make use of them needs to change as well. The whole corporate culture needs to change!
Adapting to the new consumer behavioral patterns leads us to what I call a CRM 2.0 strategy (any other term will do as well as long as it has the same meaning and results).

New questions must be asked:

  • How can I have a meaningful conversation with my customers?
  • How can I engage customers to take an active part in this conversation?
  • How can I leverage the knowledge and willingness of customers?
  • Does my corporate culture allow meaningful conversations (what changes are required)?
  • Do I know the little aches and pains of my customers? Are they dealt with?
  • Who are my customers and where / whom do the talk about products and services?

In the very end, this might be the end of the transactions based CRM (not counting any order management here…) towards a more dynamic, flexible, agile and customer centric environment that acknowledges that customers are persons – usually – that make the buying decisions often based on trust and relationships.


  1. Guido,

    Good post. Your questions are pertinent and important for every organization to be asking themselves.

    I would argue that Social Media is another lead generation source, and is rapidly becoming THE MEDIUM by which customers prefer to use.

    The fundamentals have been around for a long time. Customers want to have a conversation about what is important to them and will align themselves with individuals and companies that best meet their needs with a valuable solution. The technology has enabled this to happen as never before.

    The statistics are staggering. The next chasm to cross is how to transition those social media conversations into the transactional based CRM (which by the way is important, too), and at what point?

    Sincere regards,


  2. Great read, the best thing about these channels are the way you can control them.