Saturday, August 30, 2008

Human Nature

"People like doing business with people they like and trust"

This is a very true statement and seems to be written in human DNA.
In the past, many CRM solutions did not consider this simple fact at all and focused on collecting customer data and make them available in many different forms and at any place. With the right strategy, this can help build fruitful customer relations and create an environment of trust and cooperation. But a pure CRM installation is not the guarantee of success!

Sales reps appreciate a tool that delivers data of the customer but they are not keen on entering a lot of data into an application that is not helpful for them to win deals or generate leads. Social applications connected to such an application can help improve leveraging the social intelligence that improve these flaws. Additionally the Web 2.0 applications can improve the communication with the customer and build a better relationship from which both sides profit.

But again, tools or applications is only one side of the medal. It it necessary to back that up with a bullet proof and well thought through CRM 2.0 strategy. Software can only help building and maintaining relationships better and more effective, they can not replace real people talking to real people - people they trust...


  1. It's the humanware, not the software, that's critical in the success of executing the CRM philosophy.

    To drive user adoption upwards, though, it helps to pursue multiple means of data capture. Keyboarding is only one method, scannable forms and voice recognition are others. I can't wait for VR to become widely available for use with CRM software.

  2. very true.
    Although the technical aspects are only one side of the mdeal. While Ajax is the current (r)evolution of usability enhancements, things like VR and new ways to visualize data will definitely come soon.

    But we should not forget that the Web 2.0 world also brings a new social component to CRM. Actually this component is not new, but its new that we use software for that... and CRM needs to adopt this (and will!).