Saturday, August 23, 2008

Viral Marketing and CRM 2.0

Viral Marketing (did I mention that I don't really like that term?) can be a powerful marketing tool, especially if the budget is somewhat limited...


this shot can easily backfire!

Candians PCWorld has put together a list with 'viral' marketing campaigns that really did not deliver the expected result.

What about risks in CRM 2.0 using social networks?

Similar to Viral Marketing, CRM 2.0 utilizes social networks to gather information about the customer and establish a ralation - ideally making customers loyal to the brand or product.
What happens if the engagement in social networks fail or even show negative results (i.e. consumers run away or make fun of the products)?

A very important part of a CRM 2.0 strategy must be a management of the engagement in social networks that allows to intervene if thing start running out of the rudder. As high as the gains of CRM 2.0 can be, as high are the risks.
This shows the importance of a well defined CRM 2.0 strategy that does not blindly engage customers and use the nice&new Web 2.0 world, but create a concept that will bring real value to consumers and make them loyal to brand or products.

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