Thursday, April 24, 2008

First draft of proposed topic

Yesterday and today I created a first draft of a document describing the proposed topic for my masters' thesis.
Next step is to get some feedback on the document and the topic to see if it is usable for a masters' thesis (no idea what I'll do if it's no good...).

I also started with a rough project plan to get an idea when I have to do what things...
The draft outline looks like this:
1) Executive Summary
2) Introduction
3) Problem Definition
4) Objectives
5) Methodology
6) Historical Background (CRM 1.0)
7) Web 2.0
8) CRM 2.0
a. Technology
b. Business Cases
c. Potential Drawbacks
9) Conclusion
10) Holistic Approach – ITM Checklist
11) Abbreviations
12) Bibliography
13) Declaration

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