Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Day 2 - Customer Experience

While reading through many articles about CRM 2.0 or the development of CRM in general, I am coming along the "Experience" notion more and more often.
It looks like many companies that sell CRM software or services have finally understood that CRM is more than a software for contact management and that outstanding customer service can be a differentiator for companies when their products become a commodity.
This awareness changes the way CRM solutions and services are marketed and also their functionality. Many companies include Web 2.0 elements into their products to follow this trend and fulfill customer requirements.
So it looks like there is some demand on the market for CRM 2.0 and the software vendors are picking up that trend already. But still I have the feeling that there is no common definition of what CRM 2.0 really is and how it can add business value to customers (and the customer's customers).

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