Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Revolution or Evolution

One of the most interesting questions around CRM 2.0 - in my eyes - is if this will be a revolution or more like an evolution of CRM 1.0.
Without being able to predict the final outcome, I would prefer an 'evolution' as I think CRM 2.0 will definitely be build on all the good things from CRM 1.0 and it will leverage many pieces that proved to be valuable in the 'old world'.
It's gonna be a very exciting journey towards real CRM 2.0 and it will definitely change things and the way business is made in the future (or how companies will differentiate). But we will still see some good old stuff then that was around forever.
A good example I see is SOA, which is also both - a hype and the normal evolution of software development in an enterprise environment. There have been many concepts before SOA that delivered the same kind of functionality or value, but there is a reason why they have not been that successful and why SOA is seen as a revolution in this space.
Again, it will be an exciting jurney and I hope that I will not only be part of it, but also actively design CRM 2.0 and it's vision....

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