Monday, April 14, 2008

Day 1 - The Beginning

So I am finally starting to document the progress of my masters' thesis in a weblog...

Today (Monday April 14th 2008) is the beginning of my two weeks holiday that I have dedicated to work on my masters' thesis about CRM 2.0.
This paper will be crown of my two year executive MBA studies at FOM in Munich.

I decided to use as a host for this blog because I already have my personal blog here and got used to the functionality that Google offers with
It turns out there are hundreds of hosting services available for weblogs, but as always, you use what you are used to, so I am back here :) During the blog creation, I found that there is already a blog from Michael W. Thomas that talks about CRM that uses the "crm2" sub-domain, so I choose "crm2-0" which leads to "" for the complete url.

I plan to a post daily status and additional milestones that I pass along my way towards the final paper. In the previous days and weeks I already had some ideas about the topic and did some research and initial reading. Looks like there is already some material available in the internet that talks about the web 2.0 in combination with CRM. I hope that my professional background, selling CRM software for the past eight years, and my personal experience with social networking and web 2.0 will bring some new aspects and findings in this area.

Next Steps:
  • Do more research around CRM 2.0
  • Create a mind map so I don't forget anything
  • Create an outline or high level description what the thesis will be about
  • Talk to some professors at FOM to find out if the topic is OK for a masters' thesis

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