Tuesday, May 6, 2008

War of the Worlds...

Tomas Kohl has outlined a somewhat hostile view on the composition of CRM 2.0 :)

He is probably right that there is nothing like harmony in the interaction of these components. And as Paul Greenberg stated, VRM is a kind of opposition to CRM, which means the customer will follow nothing but his own interests in such a context.

BUT, from a company perspective, wouldn't it be possible to leverage VRM to build a CRM 2.0 strategy?

Could this be the differentiator for a business if it deals with VRM (and all the other Web 2.0 inventions) rather than fighting it (or seeing it as a threat)?

I am sure that there is a lot of tension and potential conflicts associated in this interaction, but I think the company that can deal with it the best will win. And even if the driving forces for a business are always profits (and that's how it should be), a proper CRM 2.0 strategy has to place the customer much more centric as this is the case currently.

After reading Tomas' view on things and spending more thoughts on it, I think I will need to revise my simple diagram a little. It does not reflect the reality as it should. Thanks for the feedback here!

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1 comment:

  1. Hello!

    You made a good point - yes, companies should try to interact with, listen to, engage with VRM, not necessarily the *people* behind VRM but rather the ideas themselves.

    That said, I am not particularly optimistic about organizations voluntarily giving up control, however limited it might be these days, and ultimately believe that they will be dragged into this wonderful 2.0 world by their feet, twitching and screaming and not very happy indeed.

    Thank you for making me think about the issue a bit more!